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Steve’s focus over the past few years – to deliver a memorable vocal-acoustic set which enhances the overall experience of those in ear-shot of his performance. Sound-rich, smooth, entertaining, never overbearing.

Steve Bash Music Acoustic Guitars

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In doing so, Steve delivers a strong performance with smooth vocals, acoustic guitar and a versatile set-list. He covers iconic songs from more recent hits, through 90’s, 80’s and 70’s. Steve’s focus is on enhancing the experience of others. From dining, weddings, special events and more, his acoustic sound is entertaining, but never overbearing. His passion is to provide an enhancement to the existing atmosphere and experience - for all to enjoy.

About Steve

Steve Bash Music Electric Guitars

Steve has been a musician since the age of 13, starting with guitar, while adding vocals, bass guitar, keyboards and drums to his resume over the years. He has been performing live shows from the age of 15.

In 2006, Steve produced songs for over 50 bands around North America, from L.A., San Diego, Seattle, Nashville, The Bronx, Miami, to Canada and Mexico – and just about every music genre one can recount. In addition, Steve has released original material on three different record labels, achieving global distribution and recognition from 11 European countries, Asia, and North/South American countries.

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The Ministry Steve Serves

Our ministry "Feed the Widows" helps elderly widows with no remaining family, outside support, or other means for sustainable nutrition.

Through our travels we found areas within Jalisco Mexico, where there are a number of widows in significant need. As a result, we started providing direct assistance by distributing the necessary funds to meet the dietary needs of these widows. Each month, we meet with them to check-in, provide a lending ear, and distribute funds directly to each of the widows.

Since the ministry's inception, the Steve Bash family has provided support for 10 widows within the Jalisco, Mexico area. Our support is primarily through personal donations, as well as, proceeds from live shows and special events. We are committed to providing 100% of all music proceeds (live shows, events and donations) to this ministry. As the needs of additional widows continue to be identified, we are working to grow our ministry and help...

For more info, please visit "Feed the Widows"


Songs by Decade & Artist

Including Artists:

John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Incubus, Oasis, Matchbox 20, Journey, America, Eagles, Sade, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Lynal Richie, Bread, Al Green, Seals & Croft, and many more.

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Available Songs

Iconic hits: 1970-2020's

Artists Covered

Top artists from each decade

Set Durations

30 minutes -
4 hours




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Temple, Texas. 76502


+1 (949) 204-4173

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On behalf of Steve and his team, thank you!

As a solo artist and performer, Steve is second to none!

He has a unique sound and voice quality that compares to such great artists as Steve Perry from "Journey " and Rod Stewart in terms of tone, range and style. Steve also is equality adept with his guitar technique and rhythmic styles that accompany his voice. He is able play both lead and rhythm parts on guitar while not missing a beat and also managing to sing with a clarity that few tenor voices can match.

Steve Bash Music Reviews 1

Dr Millard Roth

Director: South Coast Symphony

Steve is great! Superior vocals and engages with the crowd!

Steve Bash Music Reviews 4

Corks and Barrels


Outstanding performance in local venues. Vocals are suberb!

Steve Bash Music Reviews 5

Charlene P


Steve style is very distinctive and smooth.

He has a clean sound and a great selection of tunes. Some newer songs, some that take you back... all smooth! Many great songs with a powerful performance, but doesn't beat you up :) I found myself sitting there listing, totally content through the entire set.

Steve Bash Music Reviews 2


Software Engineer

Steve has a great sound!

You'll find yourself playing air-guitar before the the end of his set. I can't pick a favorate of his songs. They are all good! If you have the chance, I would definatly recomend catching one of Steve's shows.

Steve Bash Music Reviews 3

Linda J